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Introduction to Permaculture

"Introduction to Permaculture" by Bill Mollison is a generously illustrated book with detailed diagrams and drawings that introduces readers to the basic concepts and design strategies of permaculture.

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Edible trees

For most, the vegetable garden is a hard work for six months. However, for some, most work comes down to choosing a suitable place for planting, caring for the plant in the early years, and harvesting in the coming decades. These are the ones who plant edible trees - not only traditional fruit trees, but also less familiar forest and semi-cultivated ones, which give edible flowers, oils, seeds, nuts, leaves, juice and bark in addition to fruits. As well as many other benefits for us humans (fibers, dyes, wood, mycorrhizal fungi, shade), as well as for domestic and wild residents of our area (food and habitat), reducing greenhouse gas emissions and launching carbon sequestration (carbon remains in soil and accumulates in large biomass), stabilizing soils and increasing their fertility and feeding groundwater.

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We are a not-for-profit organization and work mostly on volunteer basis. All our profits go to new projects: translating books, creating courses, speaking at events to promote permaculture. Your support helps us create more projects and be more efficient. We believe that permaculture brings peace and prosperity to our country!

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